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Krypto’s All Pairs Gunbot Config and Advice Run, All The Pairs! Good advice for newbies. Stepgain 5.0.4

Diesel’s Stepgain The original Stepgain config that started them all 5.0.4

Rich Z’s Microprofits Stepgain 5.0.4

Vosechu’s 3.3.2 config Gain/Stepgain for 3.3.2


Open Source Web-UI

Berti’s Gunfigurator-NODE A self-hosted version of Gunfigurator that allows for real-time editing of the Gunbot 5.x.x configuration file from a web browser

Dyvosit’s Bittrex Dust Killer

RchGrav’s Config Tool Work In Progress

RchGrav’s Booyahka Configurable panic dump script

Dyvosit’s Gunbot updates via Telegram Watch your trades on Poloniex or Bittrex.

TandyUK’s Profit Calculator

pm2 process manager for Node.js

BeerK0in’s gunbot monitor

Skjalls Gunbot GUI Paid, 7 day free trial

br41nbug’s Free Tracking Spreadsheet for Bittrex

Nate’s Gunbot Config Updater Also features Dump Protect and BTCPanic

TandyUK’s Gunbot Launcher

mehtadone’s CrytptoGramBot Telegram notifications from Polo Bittrex, Coinigy. Also features exports for spreadsheets.

Jessmil’s Gunbot MarketTrender Paid, Change config based on market conditions, Work In Progress

Nidkil’s Gunbot Config Updater Update config automatically from a Url

Gunbot Proxy Free Proxy for Gunbot on Poloniex

Exploring Gunbot

Krypto’s Double Up Exploit for Stepgain Works on other strategies too

Exquitas Trading View Tutorial

Culture’s How to make Gunbot v5 BB precisely match your charts on TradingView or wherever

Run multiple instances of Gunbot and change ports Guide to running multiple instances on windows

Tips and advice


Time Will Tell and Sell -Tim S

I STRONGLY recommend that everyone have a seperate trading account that you use for testing purposes. When you want to try different settings or a new version of Gunbot comes out, having a small seperate pool of money to test with can be invaluable before making changes to your main Gunbot accounts. -Krypto

When figuring out how much to set your “TRADING_LIMIT” to a good rule of thumb is Base Pair Amount / (2x Number of Pairs) This way when the bear markets come (and they will!) You won’t eat up all your available base currency and will have options for bagging and/or averaging.

Turn DOUBLE_UP false until you know what that setting does and when/how to use it properly.

Useful Links

CryptoPanic news aggregator

The Golden Moving Average Crossover

Dante’s Gunbot Livestream Watch Gunbot in action 24/7

Dante’s pick and settings channel Telegram channel

Crypto Advisor’s Youtube Channel Gunbot and other crypto videos

We Need To Talk’s Youtube Channel Gunbot and other crypto videos.

dobcrypto’s Youtube Channel Gunbot and other crypto videos.

Xonline’s Youtube Channel Gunbot tutorial videos.

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