Gunbot Quickstart Guide

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  1. Download Gunbot
  2. Installation
  3. Running the GUI
  4. Optional: manually edit config.js
  5. Learn about Gunbot strategies

1. Download Gunbot

Download your copy of Gunbot: https://github.com/GuntharDeNiro/BTCT/releases

In case you have a license for Gunbot Lite edition: use the software package as provided by your reseller – there is no public download link for Lite.

2. Unpack & install

Gunbot has an easy installation process: you only need to unpack the zip file in a new folder.

Instructions per operating system:

3. Run Gunthy GUI

Starting with Gunbot XT Edition a new browser based UI is officially available! Features at launch:

  • Easily configure all essential bot settings
  • New setup system: save multiple presets for selected pairs and trading settings
  • Dashboard to select your setup and start running Gunbot

To start Gunthy GUI , run the gunthy-gui executable and open the following address in a browser on the same system: localhost:5000 (modern browsers recommended, preferably Chrome or Firefox).

Getting started with Gunthy UI

Read about how trading pairs work in Gunbot

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