Install Gunbot on Windows

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Go to download page and get Gunbot XT Edition: https://github.com/GuntharDeNiro/BTCT/releases

Requisites like node.js and pm2 are bundled with Gunbot, you don’t need to install these.

Installation video

  1. Unpack the release .zip file in a new folder
  2. Start running Gunthy GUI by double clicking gunthy-gui.exe
  3. Open localhost:5000 in a browser on the same system. (modern browsers recommended, preferably Chrome or Firefox)

Depending on your systems settings, you may need to add a firewall rule to allow for incoming and outgoing traffic on TCP port 5000.

If you don’t want to use Gunthy GUI, you can start running Gunbot core by starting gunthy.exe

Having problems? Reboot your computer, and try the exact steps again. Go to Troubleshooting if your problems persist.

Installation video

windows-installationhigher resolution video

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