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Gunbot has 5 different main strategies that can be used to trade: these can be freely combined, where one strategy is being used for buying, and another for selling. Additionally, you can choose for the Emotionless or Ichimoku strategies – these cannot be combined with others.

Strategy Description (short)
gain Buy at a percentage below EMA, sell when your set gain is reached.
stepgain Like gain, but after hitting initial buy or sell level, a trend watcher will check if prices will further decrease or increase – making sure to only buy or sell when the trend reverses .
bb Buy and sell at configurable points between the lower and upper Bollinger Bands.
pp Set a fixed buy and sell price, perfect for coins that stay withing a predictable price range.
tssl Trailing Stop / Stop Limit: a moving range for buying and selling, trailing optimal buy and sell levels.
emotionless “Just works” strategy. No configurable strategy parameters. Perfect for novice traders.
ichimoku Trading algorithm based on the Ichimoku cloud indicator.

Settings for strategies are global, and apply to all pairs that you set to run on this strategy. When you need to make changes in the strategy settings for individual pairs, you can configure this using overrides in the pair setup (more on this below).


  1. All strategy combinations
  2. Using Overrides

Strategies and combining them

Each combination of strategies has its own section in the config file. If you want to use a combination of settings, pick the right one and proceed to configure the relevant parameters.

The following combinations can be used, each has its own section in the config file:

Strategy name Buy strategy Sell strategy
bb Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands
gain Gain Gain
pp Pingpong Pingpong
stepgain Stepgain Stepgain
tssl Trailing stop / stop limit Trailing stop / stop limit
emotionless Emotionless Emotionless
ichimoku Ichimoku Ichimoku
tsslbb Trailing stop / stop limit Bollinger Bands
tsslpp Trailing stop / stop limit Pingpong
tsslstepgain Trailing stop / stop limit Stepgain
tsslgain Trailing stop / stop limit Gain
bbrsitssl Bollinger Bands + RSI Trailing stop / stop limit
pptssl Pingpong Trailing stop / stop limit
stepgaintssl Stepgain Trailing stop / stop limit
gaintssl Gain Trailing stop / stop limit
bbtssl Bollinger Bands Trailing stop / stop limit
bbgain Bollinger Bands Gain
gainbb Gain Bollinger Bands
bbstepgain Bollinger Bands Stepgain
stepgainbb Stepgain Bollinger Bands
bbpp Bollinger Bands Pingpong
ppbb Pingpong Bollinger Bands
gainstepgain Gain Stepgain
stepgaingain Stepgain Gain
gainpp Gain Pingpong
ppgain Pingpong Gain
stepgainpp Stepgain Pingpong
ppstepgain Pingpong Stepgain

Using overrides

On pair level you can define exceptions for parts of a strategy. You could for example use a higher TRADING_LIMIT on a pair that you see particular potential in. The following example does just that.

"BTC-ADA": {
	"strategy": "stepgain",
	"override": {
                "TRADING_LIMIT": 9000.00,
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